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SAP E/4HANA Learning Assessment


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What is E/4HANA Learning Assessment?

E/4HANA is a Ka Solution's methodology that evaluates and composes Education Programs focusing on SAP's Intelligent Enterprise, Digital Supply Chain (SCM) and Industry 4.0 models. E/4HANA delivers educational packages to the use of advanced technologies, best practices in agile processes and integrated business networks. Identifies the gaps and improvements necessary to align organizations' education with the scenarios offered by SAP Intelligent Suite, S/4HANA Enterprise Management (ERP) applications, intelligence in business processes, BTP platform technologies, digital transformation resources, cloud, IIoT, big data, digital twin, digital thread, analytics, AI, ML and much more. The E/4HANA methodology ensures the necessary skills and competencies for organizational teams (consultancies and industries) to support the new education programs required by SAP's digital transformation (SAP-DX).

SAP E/4HANA Benefits

  • Focused on digital minds for collaboration and digital integration;

  • 4IR Mental Model for Digital Enterprise with SAP ERP, SAP SCM, SAP I4.0;

  • E/4HANA Learning Assessment Methodology (CMMI, acatech MI4.0);

  • IT/OT infrastructure, IIoT, and digital twins (AAS);

  • Process logic (BPM, Signavio) and organizational modeling (EKD);

  • Digital Thread Architecture;

  • SAP applications and skills scenarios, advanced analytics, AI/ML;

  • Education program and implementation roadmap;

  • Guidance and best practices for project teams with SAP Activate;

  • Mentoring and learning journey applications;

  • Participant performance assessment using radar chart. 


The E/4HANA Learning Assessment methodology accelerates the productivity and performance of organizations, helps in building integrated business models offered by the HANA platform, S/4HANA core and the BTP services, creates a single mental model (mindset) for the entire organization, evaluates the requirements of new ways of working, new people skills, business processes and intelligent technologies from SAP and creates specific education programs for talents and for multidisciplinary teams to succeed in the digital economy.

Explore the various
learning assessments and educational packages for various levels of professionals (beginner, intermediate, advanced) with the E/4HANA model. Request contact to discuss SAP Education Programs, SAP VLC (Virtual Live Classroom) courses and training, SAP Learning Hub, SAP Learning Mentoring, SAP Global Certification and other SAP education solutions.


Industries: Discrete Industries, Consumer Industries, Energy and Natural Resources, Public Services.

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# E/4HANA Learning Assessment for SAP Industry 4.0: Engineering, Production, Assets and People [ + ].

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